Naatil Evideya?

Is there a wrong answer to the mandatory question 'Naatil evideya?' (where in Kerala are you from) that one Malayali asks another Malayali when they run into each for the first time, in another part of the country? If you're from Trivandrum or born and brought up there, like I am, you may know what I'm... Continue Reading →

Music and Memory Wormholes

Over the past few years, my fondness for the absence of music grew quite deeper than I anticipated. I do listen to most things that fall behind, between, and beyond Bohemian Rhapsody and My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard. But it's mostly a background process even when there is nothing running in the foreground. Somehow,... Continue Reading →

If You’re Appi and You Know It…

There comes a time in almost every Trivandrum kid’s childhood when we do a double take mentally, physically and spiritually as we get adorably addressed as ‘Appi’ for the very first time in our lives. For most of us it will be our first tryst with the concept of duality and the sheer force with... Continue Reading →

Earth to Changanassery

The laterite bleeds red in the rain. A river of umbrellas flows out from the church, over the Martian landscape and towards homes where the red meat sits and stews with pepper and cloves in earthen pots. The kitchens are scented with the vapour that has found its way across space and time, drowning the anti-fragrance of patina... Continue Reading →

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