On some mornings, in the past couple of weeks, I’ve been waking up to see a piece of string or a paper ball next to my face. These are things that Paathu typically brings to me when she wants to play fetch. She is an avid fetch enthusiast and NEVER stops trying to make fetch happen.

I usually have calls starting from 8ish in the morning. I sleep around 2ish, so I sleep desperately trying to extract as much sleep per second as possible. So, when Paathu comes to play fetch (at possibly 3am), I don’t realise it.

Sharan falls asleep much later. One day, Paathu after trying her luck with me, went to him to play fetch because he was awake. And then they played fetch till 4am after which Sharan regretted the marriage and pet choices he made in life.

Friday is the no-meeting day at work, so I was up late last night, and Paathu climbed into bed with a piece of string. I know, who plays fetch with string, right? But Paathu is a silky soft feathery butted cute yoyo madam *ovary explodes*. So, she can do whatever she wants.

We played fetch for what seemed like an eternity. Although, when you’re in your 30s, at 3 am, even 30 seconds may seem like an aeon. Then I retired, closed my eyes for a second, felt someone uprooting a lot of my hair, opened my eyes, and saw Picho staring into my face giving full Ente Veed Appuntem vibes (first child syndrome vibes, for the uninitiated).

After a minute, I realised that he had brought a (safely sealed) bag of safety pins from the dressing table to play fetch with, and dropped it next to me. Heart attack and heartbreak at the same time. Picho was very good at paper ball football and fetch when he was a wee kitty witty fluffy butted.. okay stop doing that, Megha Rajeev. However, he changed his specialisation to Parkour to assert his rights as the primary decision-maker in our household. 

But today, he wanted to play fetch again. So I got up, put the bag of pins away, switched on the lights, and found a paper ball. Then I threw it for Picho to go fetch. I’m going to skip the part where Paathu ran over Picho and came back, fetching the ball. I threw the paper ball again. 

This time, Picho leaped at it, scooped it up from the floor with his mouth, defied gravity, and parkoured on the wall, disappearing into the darkness of unlit drawing room.

The end.

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