Charming India

Sometimes when you move around a bit, you see these intriguing sights and objects that broaden your worldly knowledge and make you grow as a person.

Spotted outside the Jaisalmer Fort, this magic bed linen is crafted by the artisans of Rajasthan and marketed by someone who has scaled Maslow’s pyramid in one go. It comes with prescribed spouse-quantity and unsolicited OTC advice.



If you’re driving to Himachal, Pathankot is a good place to stop for dinner. Some dhabas have interesting art installations to woo customers. At one such dhaba, a nice man in a chef’s hat and lungi (for pan Indian hospitality effect) ushers you to the restroom area where this nice lady in red blouse greets you. On your way, you can spot a red speedo-clad man who goes to the gym only for arm day.



Tibetan Titanic spotted at McLeod Ganj market. I’m flying!



As Bae calls, this man walks on water and off the Tuticorin coast in search of better reception.



The semiotics of gender as observed outside a petrol pump in Dharmapuri, on the way to Hogenakkal falls



In Khijdiya village of Jamnagar, a bull refuses to let us proceed with our rural research by sitting on our footwear. Look how strategically one elbow rests on a floater while the tummy is supported by my pink chappal, clearly the cow-magnet.



I wonder what happened to Part 1 and Part 2. Krrish 3 in Dalhousie.



Taking inspiration from e-commerce sites who are flooding print, OOH and TV, a Cat Boy Bad Boy from Manali turns to traditional advertising for the promotion of his YouTube video. BAD BOY BAD BOY, CAT BOY CAT BOY | I AM INDIAN BAD BOY, BAD BOY | HEY GIRLS YOU CARE-FULL



Floating down the Kabani in Wayanad, ferried by the wind and water is the most serene OOH branding I’ve come across. Lal Salaam!



Speaking of serenity, of all the cute barber shops across rural India, this tiny one in Peruvanthanam (Idukki) definitely takes the Greatest Place to Work spot 🙂



Pushkar is a curious town. The wares they sell are even more curious. Chainmail (?) lingerie with fake boobs attached. All sizes possible.


So beyond the beauty of mountains, the quiet of the dunes and salt deserts, and the joys of beaches and the blue sea are the generally awkward and pleasant sights that bring out the essence of being us. Now, if only I had bought that metal bikini…

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